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Olsztyński Marsz Równości / Olsztyn Pride March

Olsztyn, Poland. Population: 172 000

Stowarzyszenie Tęczowe Opole / Rainbow Opole Association

Opole, Poland. Population: 130 000

Instytut Równości / Equality Institute

Zielona Góra, Poland. Population: 141 000

Stowarzyszenie Stan Równości / State of Equality Association

Bydgoszcz, Poland. Population: 360 000

Stowarzyszenie Lambda Warszawa / Lambda Warszawa Association

Warszawa, Poland. Population: 1 800 000

Kaliski Marsz Równości / Kalisz Pride March

Kalisz, Poland. Population: 100 000

Stowarzyszenie Queerowy Maj / Queer May Association

Kraków, Poland. Population: 779 000

Stowarzyszenie Fabryka Równości / Equality Factory Association

Łódź, Poland. Population: 683 000

Fundacja Warto być równym nad Wartą / Warto być równym nad Wartą Foundation

Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland. Population: 120 000

Marsz Równości w Rzeszowie / Pride March in Rzeszow

Rzeszów, Poland. Population: 196 000

Stowarzyszenie Lambda Szczecin / Lambda Szczecin Association

Szczecin, Poland. Population: 380 000

Tęczowa Częstochowa / Rainbow Czestochowa

Częstochowa, Poland. Population: 220 000

Miłość Nie Wyklucza / Love Does Not Exclude Association

Warsaw, Poland. Population: 1 800 000

Płocki Marsz Równości / Plock Pride March

Płock, Poland. Population: 120 000

Marsz Równości w Gnieźnie / Pride March in Gniezno

Gniezno, Poland. Population: 68 000

Stowarzyszenie Tęczówka / Tęczówka Association

Katowice, Poland. Population: 300 000

Prowincja Równości / The Province of Equality

Kielce, Poland. Population: 196 000

Kultura Równości / Culture of Equality

Wrocław, Poland. Population: 640 000

Tęczowy Tarnów / Rainbow Tarnow

Tarnów, Poland. Population: 108 000

Grupa Stonewall / Stonewall Group

Poznań, Poland. Population: 535 000

Stowarzyszenie Marsz Równości w Lublinie / Pride March Association in Lublin

Lublin, Poland. Population: 342 000

Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Osób LGBT Tolerado / Association for LGBT People Tolerado

Trójmiasto (Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot), Poland. Population: 748 000

Fundacja Równość / Equality Foundation

Kraków/Nowy Sącz/other, Poland. Population: 779 000 / 83 000

Dear Friends,
The situation of LGBT+ people in Poland is the hardest since we remember.

The party "Law and Justice" (PiS), which has been in rule since 2015, targeted us as scapegoats and are warming up hatred against us. Their co-operate tightly with Catholic Church, neo-nazi groups and religious fundamentalist groups like "Ordo Iuris".

First they called us "destroyers of family", "perverts", "sodomites", then "a disease, a plague", then "paedophiles" lobbying for sex-education, which they call "teaching children how to masturbate at the age of 4, and consenting sex at 6".

Then, their politicians in local governments declared their communities "LGBT-free zones". As of today, a hundred of municipalities, counties, regions, covering 1/3 of Poland's area and population, have this status. Our Pride Marches in the East and South are violently attacked by neo-nazis and religious groups. Białystok Pride turns into riot and pogrom attempt. Amount of hate crimes and suicide attempts grows rapidly.

Recently, their top politicians were saying: "they are not equal to normal people", "Poland without LGBT is most beautiful", "it's only an ideology", "LGBT are not people". One of them is recently re-elected president Andrzej Duda.

We got many questions from the civilized world: how we can help you?

You can help.
- Make our voice be heard. Tell your friends, fellow activists, journalists, local or central politicians, MPs, MEPs, what is happening here.
- Protest in front of Poland's embassies or other institutions in your cities.
- Your groups, NGOs, are welcome to make twin partnerships with our NGOs. Let's talk, meet, visit each other. A contact with people who live in a normal world gives us hope that we'll finally achieve it too.
- Come to our Prides. In big cities and in the North-West they are relatively safe. Contact Pride organizers to get help in arranging your safe arrival and departure, and your stay.
- Make a banner or display for Poland at your Prides.
- Help us financially. We are cut off from government funds, running our NGOs mostly on private donations and volunteer work of our activists.

Here you'll find our contact data and paypal or other form of donation details.

Thank you, together we stand.

This site was created by Oliver Lisek, completely free of charge, on a voluntary basis and without the financial participation of Georg Soros.